The Problem.

Rising electronic waste, a widening affordability gap in essential tech, and a crucial need for quality assurance in the refurbishment industry.

The Solution.

A rigorous refurbishment process, ensuring each product meets exacting quality standards. By making technology more accessible and affordable, we empower a broader audience, including those previously left behind in the digital age. Our approach not only addresses the urgent need for quality in refurbished tech but also actively combats the growing problem of electronic waste. This holistic strategy contributes to a more sustainable, inclusive technological ecosystem, where quality, affordability, and environmental responsibility go hand in hand.

The Impact.

Revolutionized refurbished tech, with a decade-long presence, 250,000+ sales, and expansion across over 16 countries.

Promoting Refurbished Since 2014

Sold 250126 Refurbished Products as of November 2023

Served need 16 Countries

Beefurb Salutes.

We salute the visionary leaders and innovators who have significantly shaped and advanced the refurbishment industry
Co-author of "Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things," which is a seminal book in the field of sustainable design and circular economy.
- William McDonough
An American architect and designer.
Known for her work on "Doughnut Economics," which offers a sustainable economic model balancing essential human needs with planetary boundaries.
- Kate Raworth
An English economist working for the University of Oxford.